Lawn Care

Lawn Care


Customers enjoy a healthy-looking lawn, without having to endure the use of harsh chemicals. A team of highly trained turf technicians applies the treatments. These individuals use their knowledge of the industry to create a program that is personalized to make your lawn look its best.

Weed Management

Both pre-emergent and post-emergent products are used to prevent or eliminate weed problems. An evaluation will be made on whether the bio-pesticide can be used or a traditional chemical pesticide is needed to control particular weeds on your property. We always choose the least toxic options when using traditional chemical products and in most cases will only spot spray where needed rather than blanket spray your entire property (unless it’s necessary).

We use a Bio-pesticide called Fiesta for weed management in our regular program and take care of most common weeds found in our New England lawns, however, there are some weeds that it does not do as well on. If we find any weeds that are not well managed with the bio-pesticide we can offer an alternative pesticide application to control them with your permission. Typically a single application will do the trick and we can return to the organic/natural product in future applications.

Crabgrass Management

Corn gluten products are used as crabgrass reducers in many organic programs. Corn gluten has shown to be about 75% effective in reducing crabgrass outbreaks so we can never claim that your property will have no crabgrass but will reduce the severity of outbreaks. Crabgrass is an opportunistic weed and usually pops up where turf is stressed or thin so control varies with conditions, if you’re looking for better control of crabgrass you may opt for a traditional chemical application which has a higher rate of control.

Grub Management

Grubs are responsible for millions of dollars in turf damage in the U.S. every year. Acelepryn is a low toxicity and low environmental impact insecticide used for grubs and other lawn insects. It is applied at extremely low rates, does not require protective equipment to the person applying it and sprayed areas can be entered right after application. Acelepryn is non-toxic to birds, bees and fish at label rates.

Imidicloprid is one of the most widely used insecticides for grubs. This product is the active ingredient found in most of the store bought grub management products and is proven to have excellent results. This may be a better option than the Acelepryn product mentioned above for those properties that have had serious grub outbreaks in the past.

Note: If you do not want the Acelepryn product applied to your property, please let us know and we can offer an organic/natural option of essential oils that can be applied for grub management. This application is usually done during Round 2 or 3 depending on application timing for your area. This method has varied success from property to property and year to year depending on grub population and soil biology.

Lime Applications

Lime helps balance soil chemistry so that your lawn can get the most out the nutrients that are applied. The need for lime will be determined from soil test results.