Commercial & Athletic Turf Care

Commercial & Athletic Turf Care


The first, most visible sign of a well-managed commercial property is well-maintained turf. Professional maintenance of commercial property landscapes protects property values, attracts and retains quality spectators & customers.

This is especially true for outdoor use commercial properties, such as:


  • Golf Courses
  • Municipal parks and greenbelts
  • Athletic fields/complexes
  • Retail centers
  • Private clubs
  • Schools and Colleges

Organic First has created strong, beautiful, healthy New England commercial turf since 1999 Our customized turf treatment packages include seasonal fertilization, insect control and environmentally-friendly product applications.

With free courtesy visits from your turf care consultant and one of the industry’s highest customer renewal rates, Organic First is the preferred turf care and turf service company for management and enterprise companies.

With a commitment to enhancing property values, reducing risk and budget planning, we’ll elevate the experience of everyone who manages or uses the landscape.

Our Services:

  • Bulk Fertilizer Applications (Dry and Liquid)
  • Insect Control Applications
  • Weed Control Applications
  • Disease Control Applications
  • Aerating Services (Deep Time and Standard)
  • Bulk Seeding Services
  • Topdressing
  • Soil Testing
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